7 Bed Student House – BS2 8DN

Hi, I'm Luke. I don't like estate agents either so I do this privately. You can find out about me on this site or at my Linkedin page. The house is awesome, I've owned it since I was a student at Bristol. Brilliant location and a great size. See below and give me a shout if you're interested!

7 Double Bedrooms
Large three-floor house with 7 double bedrooms

2 Full Bathrooms & Downstairs Toilet
2 full bathrooms with bath and powered shower plus a standalone downstairs toilet. 

Garden Perfect for BBQ
Awesome garden space. Great in the summer for drowning some beers.

Minutes walk from the Triangle, Gym, ASS Library, The White Bear, The Co-op and a bunch of cool eateries.

Some photos taken by tenants for me:
NB - I can offer a great house but taste in decoration is sold separately...

I'm interested in the house!

Fill out the form below and I'll come back to you in a working day. Sorry I don't just list my details - I can't handle the SPAM!

  • Free from 01 July 2018
  • Super easy process
  • University students only
  • You'll be shown around by the current student tenants
  • Paperwork can be completed in 24 hours
  • Rent will be guaranteed by your parents / another party