Apple yet again have failed to innovate past a thumb-print reader. Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool, but the £700 price tag to not type in a PIN won’t get me jumping; and I like new gadgets.

Previously I’ve said that I recently went over to Android (Sony Xperia Z) and loved the OS, the deep Google Apps integration, the intuitive UX and the performance. I then went back to Apple because I missed the customer service that I get from Apple when things go wrong (my Sony handset was faulty and Sony took 6 weeks to replace it).

Last night I upgraded to iOS 7. Well Apple aren’t innovating too far, if you look past the swish transitions, but they have copied Android’s most useful features (again) and the consequence is that they’re at the head of the pack, again.

Though there are brands with better cameras, bigger screens, lighter, etc, etc, there is no one that provides as good’er service as Apple. That bundled with solid handsets (a battery case, as needed with every smartphone) and Android (or iOS7) makes them a solid choice.

Isn’t it a shame, though, that the fruity giant is no longer ‘leading from the front’.

Written by Luke