Innovation Consultancy


What I Can Do For You

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For large organisations I’ll help you define the market. There are two types of innovation, incremental and disruptive. You need both in your organisation or you’ll slow growth and/or lose market share. See what I do for startups – at some point if you’re not the disruptor, you’ll be disrupted.

For startups I’ll help you define a value proposition that you can take to market aggressively. You need to be positioned for aggressive growth and know how you’ll stay ahead of the curve. If you get the growth you’re dreaming of an industry goliath will quickly steal your idea – what’s next? We’ll find out together.

Why You Need Outside Help

There is a reason kids see pirate ships and castles where adults see cardboard boxes and packaging, it’s been trained into you to be boring. At some point in your life a parent began to tell you off for turning boxes into pirate ships … so blame your parents.

The same thing happens at large companies

Large companies succeed through creating replicable processes that yield efficient saleable results. Step out of the process and you become less valuable. You’re trained to comply. Your brain is taught to think the corporate way and tow the corporate line. So is it a surprise that large companies find it hard to disruptively innovate internally? Course not. You’re great robots and incremental innovation is possible but disruptive? Seriously tough.

I Force You To Think Like A Startup

Startups don’t have money or pre-established customers, audiences and brands. They have a clean sheet of paper, some post-its and some market research.

I take you through a process from ideation to market research, niche development, market testing, product positioning and so forth, all the way to market. By the end of our time together you’ll be at market with a successful new product or service and have a plan for incremental innovation to stay ahead of the curve. More importantly, you’ll have learned the process to take in order to disrupt … and you should begin disrupting again right away.

Incremental Vs Disruptive Innovation

Incremental innovation is the gradual improvement of a product or service over time. The car becomes faster, a little more comfortable, more economical.

Disruptive innovation redefines the market. Electric cars. The iPhone. The Nespresso machine. These products redefined product categories and everyone else had to follow or be left behind.

You need both in your business to maintain growth and market share. Incremental innovation is achieved far more easily that disruptive, but it’s still hard for internal teams to achieve without a dedicated R&D department.

Disruptive innovation is almost impossible to achieve. Google and Microsoft are great examples companies that find it incredibly hard to innovate disruptively. They have all the resource in the world, with Google famously dedicating 20% staff time to innovation, but they have become acquisition houses as internal efforts just can’t compete (and frequently fail).