A trendy term that means finding ways to grow fast without buying media and ad-space. Examples of this are refer-a-friend schemes, or getting a developer to write a piece of code that automatically sends emails to everyone advertising on a certain website (with a listed email address).

Growth hacking uses analytics, intellect and usually some technical know-how. It’s trendy and when it works can be a goldmine of growth, but, it takes time and not everything works. You can spend months going through experiments, burning time (cash) and not get very far at all. And, if you don’t have great tracking of metrics and results, you’ll get nowhere.

Is it for you? Maybe. Are you very technical and analytics? If so, then this is a seriously good avenue to thing about and there are some fantastic resources out there (take a Google). Also, you need the time to invest in and to ideally make smart strategic choices from the outset (i.e. get someone who knows their onions to help or consult).

If you’re not the technical or analytical type, this is not something you can explore yourself.

Frequently Used ‘Hacks’



Written by Luke