Digital Training

Are you…

  1. A digital agency that wants to deliver better results and extract more budget from clients? (That’s me!)
  2. Client side and want more out of your agencies/suppliers? Or, better clued up staff on digital?  (That’s me!)

You’re a Digital Agency That Wants To Better Grow Client Accounts & Through Delivering Better Results

Most digital agencies have strategists that have never been formally trained. They’ve come up through the ranks and are talented and very knowledgable. But do they know how to really plan a budget? To strategise so that spend becomes every more efficient? To speak to your clients in terms of growth-types, cash flow implications and audience tiers?

… or are they walking down the hall asking every department what they need, then cutting up the cash and presenting a spreadsheet back to the client?

I work with agencies training their planners, account directors and business development teams on how to better plan client strategies and put together client development plans which ensure that you continually grow the account while achieving great results.

If you’re not confident you deliver world class strategy, maybe I should be working with your team? Get in touch.

I run training sessions that focus on one of your prospects or current clients. We’ll work up a complete strategy for that client and I’ll teach you how to pitch it in. It’s not unlikely you’ll get a 10x return on my time just from that client, let alone the training benefits!

You’re Client Side & Want A Better Handle On Your Agency Suppliers?

I’m sorry to tell you this, but clients waste money all the time. Bad briefs, bad agency management and bad service requests waste huge percentages of budget.

Have you ever worked at senior level of an agency? If not, you’re dealing with a complex beast that eats your money and you have no idea how they work. Where are they making their money? What should you be asking for in order to maximise your results. How can you generate a relationship which ensures you’re over-serviced?

I run client side seminars explaining how agencies work, what they look for in clients and how to ensure you get the most for your money. Want the inside track? Get in touch.