Digital Leadership & Strategy

Are you…

  1. A corporate that wants better ROI on digital spend? (That’s me!)
  2. An ambitious company wanting to grow fast? (That’s me!)

I provide board-level digital leadership, improving revenue from digital and your customers’ experience. I also offer digital transformation planning and supervision of execution.

Corporate: Want A Better ROI From Digital Marketing?

Digital strategy is this simple: Traffic > Website > Customer

If you’re not generating enough sales/leads you have one of the following problems:

  • Traffic problem – either you’re not generating enough traffic, or you’re generating the wrong traffic
  • Offer (conversion) problem – The traffic is there, but it’s not converting. That means your offer is wrong for your audience, or, your presentation of your product/service isn’t working
  • Nurture problem – The traffic is there, they show interest in the offer/service, but, you’re not nurturing the lead into a customer. You’ve got a nurture problem.

When your ROI isn’t good enough, you first need to solve the problems above. Once solved you need to move to driving cheaper and more relevant traffic. Then, you need to convert that traffic to an owned audience so communication becomes ‘free’. Once you own your audience, your ROI will go up dramatically.

How I’ll Improve Your ROI

  1. Review your marketing funnel from top to bottom
  2. Remove disjointed strategy
  3. Create a multi-channel integrated strategy and re-align your agencies / in-house team bringing them onto the same page
  4. Implement granular reporting of ROI per channel, per campaign and per audience
  5. Remove wasted spend
  6. Improve website conversion
  7. Improve the nurture of lead to customer

I’ve been improving the ROI of businesses across the globe for 10 years. Should we be talking about improving yours?

Ambitious Company That Wants To Grow Fast? Let’s Grow…

Before you read on, do you have the cash to grow fast? If not, read this which will help (if you don’t know, you probably don’t).

If you want to grow fast you need to know exactly what you can afford to spend acquiring a customer. That means you need to know and have agreed with your board:

  • Your customer lifetime value
  • The value of a customer to the business (in terms of valuation)
  • Your cash position (i.e. how much cash can you burn growing as fast as possible) / budget for growth
  • Exactly what your board need to see to raise more money / release more budget

Aggressive growth is not cheap but is hugely effective in driving valuation and establishing market position. Growing aggressively needs experienced strategic leadership. You need to roll out multiple channels, audiences and offers at once. You have to be split testing everything, tweaking conversion rates, nurturing customers through different automation tracks and tracking the results of everything clearly with accurate reporting ready for board/investor presentation.

If you don’t have experienced strategic leadership and are ready to invest in growth, get in touch.