I found this a ball ache, needlessly. So, here is the, no whistles, no advanced, no messing about guide to installing MongoDB on OSX in a few man-minutes (there are many computer minutes waiting for compilers, so make sure you’re doing something simultaneously.

Instructions For Installing MongoDB on OSX

  1. Go to http://www.scons.org/download.php and download the Zip file.
  2. In the terminal navigate to your download foilder
  3. Run

    # python setup.py install // Installs Scons 
  4. Run

    # python setup.py install
  5. Create a folder somewhere convenient, and Run

    # git clone git://github.com/mongodb/mongo.git 
  6. Run

    # git tag -l // lists tagged commits so you can choose a version
  7. Run

    # git checkout r2.3.2 // I think I used this one 
  8. Run

    # scons all // Takes fucking ages 
  9. Run

    # scons install 
  10. Run

    # sudo chown \`id -u\` /data/db // make the directory for conf files etc writable 
  11. Start the server

    # mongod 
  12. Check it’s listening in a new terminal window

    # mongo
Written by Luke