A friend of mine posted this image on Linkedin and instantly I could relate to a bunch of these. Whether I’ve had the issue myself or helped others avoid one or two, there is a lot of truth in this image.

It seemed a good contents page for a guide, so here it is:

18 Reasons Startups Fail

  1. Single founder
  2. Bad location
  3. Marginal niche
  4. Derivative idea
  5. Obstinancy
  6. Hiring bad programmers
  7. Choosing the wrong platform
  8. Slowness in launching
  9. Launching too early
  10. Having no specific customer in mind
  11. Raising too little money
  12. Spending too much
  13. Raising too much money
  14. Poor investor management
  15. Sacrificing users for profit
  16. Not wanting to get your hands dirty
  17. Fights between founders
  18. A half hearted effort
Written by Luke